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Expert Graph

Semantic analysis engine for tracking R&D, products, competitors and 19M tech experts within millions of organizations

We are a New York based tech startup working on semantic analysis techniques to search for global tech experts and track R&D activities, high impact patents, products, competitors & tech experts within millions of organizations.


We were founded in 2020 by Dr. Chang Wang. Our mission is to produce high quality technology related analysis results that people can actually use on a daily basis.

Currently, we offer the following services:


  • In-house Search: track recent R&D activities, products, competitors and tech experts within millions of organizations, including all major US companies, research labs and universities.
  • Expert Search: search 19M experts for all fields of science & technology globally.
  • Reviewer Search
  • Lawyer Search

Expert Graph has the most comprehensive technology data on US companies, schools and research labs.


We maintain the most up-to-date R&D data for more than 1M organizations and 19M experts across all fields of science and technology.

We have developed exclusive semantic analysis techniques to map free text into 200K pre-defined semantic technology categories that machines understand. This allows our system to go beyond keyword matching.


A fairly complicated text analysis platform has been built to support our services. The platform contains:

  • a central knowledge graph storing hundreds of millions of documents;
  • a semantic analysis component to decompose the input into a number of semantic tech categories that machines understand;
  • a semantic search engine to find organizations & experts using business, tech, goods, services, etc.;
  • a number of site crawlers tracking new tech data in real-time;
  • a pipeline with dozens of built-in natural language processing and machine learning components to analyze queries, documents and provide search results with explanations.


  • team@expertkg.com
  • 12 E 49th St, 9th Floor, New York, New York, 10017