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Semantic analysis engine tracking R&D, products, competitors and 19M tech experts within millions of organizations

Why Expert Graph?

Expert Graph makes it easy to search for 19M global tech experts and track R&D activities, influential patents, products, competitors & tech experts within millions of organizations. We serve bankers, researchers, tech recruiters, managers and editors.

Extensive Coverage

More than 1M organizations are covered, including all major US companies, research institutions and universities. We also cover 19M experts from all areas of technology. Our data is updated in real-time.

Semantic Analysis

Our exclusive semantic analysis technique: “word2tech” goes beyond keyword matching by mapping natural language into 200K pre-defined semantic categories that machines understand.

Semantic Search

A semantic search engine is provided to search for experts using skill, work; and organizations based on one of the following user inputs: business, tech, goods, service, product, name, stock ticker.

Exclusive Services

(1) in-house search to find tech experts, R&D activities, competitors (by area), products and more within an organization; (2) search within an expert’s publications for related work.

Expert Graph Services

Access for everyone (with some results masked). Paid users ($79.00/M) see all results and receive more services.

For Bankers/Researchers

Look inside millions of organizations for R&D, competitors and experts.

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For Tech Hiring

Search 19M global experts or in-house experts by skill, work & name.

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For Editors/Funding Agencies

Search experts to review/examine papers, patents and grants.

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