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Frequently Asked Questions

Sign Up:

  • Can you list the services included in the subscription?

(1) Expert Search: functions include search by skill, search by venue, search by similar people
(2) Expert Review: find and summarize the most representative work by any expert
(3) Reviewer Search: find top experts to review a paper or grant application
(4) Executive Search: find corporate executives by industry, organization & skill
(5) Patent Lawyer Search: find top patent lawyers based on contents
(6) i-Search: functions include search within a person’s publications & question answering based on the person’s publications
(7) In-House Expert Search: search for experts within an organization

  • How much does it cost to use Expert Graph services?

(1) We currently offer the following plans for new users to sign up: $49.00 USD/Month (billed every month), $39.00 USD/Month ($234.00 USD billed every 6 months) and $29.00 USD/Month ($348.00 USD billed every 12 months).
(2) We also offer a one-time payment option to get the services for 6 Months ($234.00 USD). This option mainly serves the users whose cards do not support US dollars or recurring payments.
(3) The above prices do not apply to the existing accounts.


  • What is your cancellation policy and how to cancel the subscription?

Your payment method will be charged at the beginning of each billing cycle unless you cancel before then. To avoid future charges, please cancel the subscription before the end of the current billing cycle. The monthly/half-yearly/yearly subscriptions can be canceled any time to stop all future payments via the “close account” link. The account will remain valid till the end of the current billing cycle and then be permanently closed. The one-time payment option of the 6-month plan does not offer the cancellation choice, since it will automatically expire in 6 months. Expert Graph subscriptions are non-refundable, and Expert Graph will not prorate any fees paid for a subscription that is terminated before the end of its term. If you have further questions, please contact us directly via email.

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  • Is your online payment system secure?

As hundreds of thousands of other websites, we use stripe.com as our online payment system. Expert Graph platform does not process your payment, and has no access to your payment information.


  • How does the recurring payment work?

(1) Most of our users are on monthly, half-yearly or yearly plans. We authorize Stripe to charge the membership fees on behalf of us at the beginning of each billing cycle. A user will receive a receipt if the payment is successful. The receipt mainly serves as a reminder for users to remind them that they are still paying for our service.
(2) If one wants to cancel the service, please cancel it before the end of the current billing cycle to avoid being charged for the next billing cycle. For example, if one created the account on Jan 15, the next billing cycle will start on Feb 15. In fact, we will keep the account valid till the end of the current billing cycle after cancellation. If one only wants to use the service for a couple of days, one can cancel the service immediately after signing up to avoid future charges.
(3) If the recurring payment fails for some reasons, the associated accounts will be deactivated automatically. If the affected users still wants to keep the account, please send us an email (team@expertkg.com) to address the payment issue. Users can also choose to create new accounts (it is fine to use the same emails).

Account Management:

  • I forgot my password, how to recover it?

Password can be recovered using the following button:

Recover Password


  • How to change my current password?

Password can be changed using the following button:

Change Password



  • How to contact Expert Graph?

All other questions, requests and comments can be sent to team@expertkg.com.