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Frequently Asked Questions

Account Management:

  • I forgot my password, how to recover it?

Password can be recovered using the following button:

Recover Password


  • How to change my current password?

Password can be changed using the following button:

Change Password


  • How to cancel the service?

You can cancel the service any time using the following button:

Cancel Service



  • How to check service status?

You can check the service status using the following button:

Service Status


  • How much time does your system need to process a query?

It depends. If a query is on something very general, it may take a while. Most of the time, the results will be returned in seconds.


  • Do you update the ranking very often?

Yes. We track technology progresses in real-time. As a result, expert ranking results could be changed every second.


  • What is the price of your service?

For standard users, we offer two price options: $79.00/month (billed monthly) and $790.00/year (billed yearly, 16.67% saving). Contact us if you are purchasing more than 5 accounts or seeking business collaborations.


  • What services do you offer on people research?

We provide the following services for people research:
(1) People Search: including services to search for 100M tech experts, executives, reviewers, patent lawyers, etc.
(2) i-Search: search within any expert’s publications (i.e. i-search page | option=search).
(3) Expert Review: review any tech expert’s most influential work.
(4) Question Answering: ask questions about any expert’s research work and get answers in seconds (i.e. i-search page | option=ask).


  • What services do you offer on organization research?

We provide the following services related to organization research:
(1) Organization Search: search for 3M organizations.
(2) Industry Review: review industries from tech perspective.


  • What is the advantage of using your Expert Search compared to using other sites, like LinkedIn?

There are a couple of advantages:
(1) Extensive coverage: our results are created based upon search against hundreds of millions of papers, patents, grants, etc. and the data is updated in real-time.
(2) “Expert Review” feature: this feature is unique in industry to help users quickly review an expert’s tech background.
(3) “Ask Expert” feature: this feature is also unique in industry to help users ask about an expert’s research work ad get answers in seconds.
(4) Every result comes with supporting evidence to help users decide if the expert is a good fit.


  • How can I search for experts?

We provide 4 ways to search for tech experts:
(1) Search by skill
(2) Search by name
(3) Search by organization: find an organization first and then browse all their experts by category or search for related experts by skill.
(4) Search by venue: find a venue first, and then browse top experts based on #publications;


  • How can I use i-search page for an expert with name variants?

Use the i-Search link creation page, and use all name variants to create the link.


  • How to use the expert search service?

Here are several tips:
(1) Users can type in anything as search query.
(2) Make queries as specific as possible. For example, searching for experts on “neural network style transfer” will return experts you are looking for, while searching for “computer science” will not return great results, since the query is too general.
(3) You can also do “OR” search with <OR> (uppercase) operator. For example, when you are looking for experts on “relation extraction” or “question answering”, you can use “relation extraction <OR> question answering”.
(4) You can also do “AND” search with <AND> (uppercase) operator. For example, when you are looking for experts on “relation extraction” and “question answering”, you can use “relation extraction <AND> question answering”.


  • Can I find experts in multiple areas?

Yes. You can use “AND” search or “OR” search.


  • How are the results ranked??

Experts are ranked based on many different factors. For example, #related papers, #citations, timeline, whether the expert is the first author, etc. Expert X with 5 related papers can be ranked lower than expert Y with only 1 related paper, if Y’s paper is highly influential and Y is the first author.


  • Can I search for experts using names?

Yes. you can type in the expert’s name as your query, our system will lookup the expert records for you. You can also use OR search to search for multiple experts.


  • What is “IF” and how is it calculated?

“IF” stands for impact factor. It is a score in 1.0-10.0, calculated based on paper citations, patent citations, etc. A higher value indicates a broader impact.


  • What is your data coverage?

We cover 100M tech experts, 3M organizations including all US based public companies. We also cover probably all patent lawyers and examiners.


  • Who is running Expert Graph?

Based in New York city, we are a group of researchers and engineers working on machine learning and natural language processing.


  • How to contact Expert Graph?

All other questions, requests and comments can be sent to team@expertkg.com.