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Track R&D, products, competitors and 19M tech experts within millions of organizations

Expert Graph is a semantic analysis engine to search for global tech experts and track R&D activities, products, competitors & tech experts within millions of organizations.

Exclusive Techniques: We have developed exclusive semantic analysis techniques to map free text into 200K pre-defined semantic technology categories that machines understand. This allows our system to go beyond keyword matching.

Exclusive Services: In addition to global expert search that finds 19M experts for all fields of science & technology globally, we also offer exclusive (1) in-house search, which tracks recent R&D activities, products, competitors and tech experts within millions of organizations, including all major US companies, research labs and universities. We also provide (2) a real-time service to track and search within the work published by any one of the 19M experts in our system.

Price: Users can use some of our services for free (with some results masked). Paid users ($79.00/M) will gain access to all services and see more results.

In-house Search

Track R&D, competitors and experts within millions of organizations.

In-house Search

Expert Search

Find 19M global experts or in-house experts by skill, work & name.

Expert Search

Reviewer/Examiner Search

Find experts to review/examine papers, patents and grants.

Reviewer Search

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