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Semantic search engine to find 19M tech experts, paper/grant reviewers and lawyers

PROBLEMS TO ADDRESS: Expert Graph is a semantic search engine to find top experts with strong track records for any field of science & technology. People use us to:

  • search for candidates for senior manager /tech lead positions.
  • search for junior researchers as new hires/interns.
  • find reviewers to review papers and grant applications.
  • find patent lawyers to draft patent applications.
  • discover the right tech teams to invest.
  • identify potential competing interests.

SOLUTIONS: Our services are powered by exclusive semantic search techniques for people finding and matching, plus one of the largest expert knowledgebases in the world  (with >19M up-to-date tech expert profiles).

ADVANTAGES: (1) We use semantic search techniques to find experts for any field of science or technology.  (2) We cover passive job seekers including the people without social network accounts. (3) Every result is associated with supporting evidence.

Tech Expert Search ($79.00/M)

Find tech experts using skill, category, organization, etc.

Tech Expert Search

Senior Reviewer Search

Recommend experienced reviewers for a paper, grant, etc.

Reviewer Recommendation

Patent Lawyer Search

Find lawyers with strong experience for a specific invention.

Patent Lawyer Search


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